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Arranger transforms the funeral arrangement process, offering a personalised journey to the bereaved and an improved level of service.

We understand that in supporting the bereaved, providing your clients with the very best service is what matters most as they face the difficulty of bereavement.

Arranger ensures a consistently high level of service for every funeral through its transformational approach to funeral arrangements, scheduling, choice, and client communication.

People are living their lives online more than ever before

Arranger offers the bereaved an experience that matches their day-to-day behaviour

UK households with internet access*
Regular internet usage by 65-74 year olds*
*Source: Office for National Statistics

As present trends continue, a transformational funeral arrangement platform is needed to bridge the gap between what the bereaved expect and current funeral arrangement software.

Arranger provides clarity and control across your business, as this revolutionary new software offers an end-to-end, comprehensive platform from first call through to post-care services.

Beneļ¬ts and features

Product showcasing:
An unrivalled ability to visually showcase your services to the bereaved at the funeral arrangement and in their homes.
Personalised experience:
A personalised journey for the bereaved, from first call to post-care services, that matches their 21st century expectations.
Better communication between colleagues and to the bereaved, resulting in a higher level of customer service and improved staff morale.
Advanced online planning, scheduling and time-management capabilities, ensuring everything runs smoothly at every stage of the funeral process.
Business intelligence:
Detailed, visual analysis of your sales, pricing and product performance, plus predicted future trends, enabling you to make better business decisions.
Resource efficient:
Arranger embeds efficiency into your business operations, allowing your staff to spend more time doing the things that matter to your clients the most.

Usage and costing

Arranger will be costed on a per-funeral basis with a tiered pricing structure to suit the needs and budget of your business

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